I have been an avid photographer for many years, utilising both film and digital.
With more time on my hands of late I decided to combine my other passion, namely food creation, hence this blog. My aim is to bring to life my recipes with imagery that shows the food exactly as I created it. Hopefully, it all looks good enough to eat.

I was lucky enough to win a Christmas photography competition several years ago, run by the London Camera Exchange. (See image)

Merry ChristmasThe photography equipment – camera, lenses and tripod – that I was so fortunate enough to win, I now use for this blog.
This festive image is of my eldest daughter, so a big thank you goes out to her – the reason for my success.
I’ve been shortlisted and a finalist in the International Garden Photographer of the year. In 2013, I came 4th in the, prestigious and long standing, Amateur Photographer of the year Competition.

My free time is now taken up by this blog… ‘I didn’t sign up to that!’

When starting out on a food/photo blog it isn’t necessary to spend large sums of money on expensive equipment. A mid range DSLR with a couple of decent lenses will suffice – buying good secondhand camera gear will save you money.
My favourite lenses are a 17-55 f2.8. A 50mm f1.4 and a 100mm Macro f2.8.
Use natural light and reflectors before going with flash units.

If flash/studio photography is what you choose, then I would highly recommend Godox off-camera flash units as an alternative to camera makers own equipment. Godox are a budget brand, but the equipment works flawlessly for food photography. Two speedlight flash units and a couple of Godox soft boxes will get you up and running.

I spend lots of time browsing charity shops and boot sales on a never ending quest for food styling sundries. One persons tat is another persons creative outlet.

If you like food and you like photography…oh, and writing thousands of words and being chained to various kitchen gadgets, then give blogging a go. It’s so much fun.